Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Party After

After the Baptism we had a luncheon at our church.
I let Katelyn decide on the menu, and it wasn't that bad
We had Taco Salad, it was a hit and I think they all
felt the same way that came.

Yes by the end of the day I was wanting a LITTLE bit stronger the water. . . DR. PEPPER
yes I felt as good as I look in this picture.

Katelyn's Baptism

I can't believe it, my little girl Katelyn Marie was just baptized on December 4th

As you can see, Katelyn was a bite nervous, she worked herself up so much that she had
a really bad headache by the time the day was over.

Four Generations

Our family on Katelyn's BIG day

Friday, November 19, 2010

November 11th

On Thursday November 11th, my mother went into surgery to have a double mastectomy.
It was a bitter sweet thing. Praying that they would be able to get all the cancer, but also scared what my happen.
My mom is such an amazing women and kept us all going when we should have be the ones pushing her along.
We were to be at the IMC at 7:00 am, she was to go in at 11:00 for her surgery and would be about 3 hours long.

This is my mother before surgery. . .

My mom didn't go into surgery until 1:30 and we didn't get to see her until 6:30 that night.
I was a very long day. But by the time we were able to see her things just seem to feel right again.
This is A picture after surgery. . . she was trying to tell us something, and no she isn't. . . it just looks like it, and I don't have another picture :)
She is doing very well, thanks again for all the prays.

Katelyn Marie

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom

So ever year my kids and I take my mom to Gardner Village for her birthday. And this year was no different. My mom had Chemo on Friday and Saturday I dragged her out for the day. She did really well, and my kids had a blast! But my mom wouldn't let me take a picture of her.

My two little nuts

This little boy really tried to get in the water and it was a lot of fun watching Kristina trying to keep him out of it.

Every time I tried taking pictures Katelyn would take off, but I finally got her to take one.

Mom, I love you thanks for spending the day with us on your Birthday eve.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9 years. . . where did the time go

This weekend Mike and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary, and we had a wonderful time.
Friday night Mike and I went to Little America to spend the evening together.
Mike then took me Olive Garden for diner and it was the best I have ever had, I had asked my waiter what he recommended and what he suggested was amazing. So I really enjoyed dinner.
After dinner Mike and I started walking around downtown and ended up at "Off Broadway Theater" It was great, We hadn't gone since we were dating so it brought back so many wonderful memories, and it was a lot of fun.

Here we are at Off Broadway

In the morning Mike took me to the Little America Brunch,
Oh my. . . That is about all I can say, the food was amazing!
Isn't he cute, getting ready to eat his meal

Here is our room, believe me it was really hard to leave, it was just nice to relax and enjoy being with each other and not worrying about the kids, thank goodness for my sisters that took them for the night!

Thanks Mike for a wonderful weekend, and another year!
I Love You!

Katelyn's Field day

Katelyn's Field Day!

Katelyn had a Teddy Bear Field Day that I was able to go and help with, well to be honest she signed me up and I didn't even know until the thank you note came home. But I'm glad I was able to go with her.

We walked from her school to the park

I could tell that she was having a lot of fun with all the games and friends.
It was fun to watch her and my two others.

Dallin and I taking a little break from all the games

Can't forget the "little Kayla"

It was a fun afternoon with my kids.